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Adoption Application

Adoption Application


Annie’s Pet Rescue is dedicated to finding the right fit for each pet in our rescue. We want the adoptive family to have a wonderful relationship for the lifetime of the pet. Completing this application does not guarantee this pet will be placed in your home.

Your information will be kept private.

Please fill out the form COMPLETELY. When you have completed both this and the Release form, you should receive a response. If you do not receive a response in a reasonable amount of time, please use the Contact tab to let us know. Thanks for your cooperation.

Own    or    Rent Yes    or    No Yes    or    No Yes    or    No Lots of things going on
Moderately Active
Inside and Outside Yes    or    No Yes    or    No Yes    or    No Yes    or    No Yes    or    No

Next you will be taken to a Release form that is also a required document for adoption. Again, submitting your application does not guarantee a pet will be placed in your home. If you have further questions about our adoption process, please click on the Info link above for a full explanation of our procedures for selecting the perfect home for our fosters. Thank you for your patience and understanding.