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About Us

Annie started my work with pet rescue by digging INTO my yard one day. It was May of 2010 and I proceded to find out which neighbors house she belonged to. After weeks of her coming back to my yard and breaking in and me taking her back home, Annie’s family told me they hadn’t had her that long and were unable to bond with her and keep her at home. I took Annie in to foster her and found out she had been adopted from Raining Cats N Dogs rescue in Redding. They were happy to take her back into their group and have me continue to foster her.

It was a long road with Annie. We had our work cut out for us dealing with her separation anxiety and Houdini escapes. She was a happy, but shy and easily frightened girl. She loved her crate as her safety zone and learned to give us her absolute trust as we gave her our love and time. She was very smart and willing to please and learned quickly. We fostered Annie for 5 months. During that time, she blossomed into a more confident, well mannered girl.

I took Annie to an event at Gateway Animal Clinic, the Vet Clinic I used to work for and she was a big hit. She made a big impression on one of the clients there who had lost their cat recently and their dog not long before that. Annie went to visit them at their home and she looked so comfortable and happy, I was happy to leave her in good hands. Her Mom sends me yearly Christmas emails with updates from Annie, which I cherish.

After Annie, I was hooked. I fostered 9 more dogs with Raining Cats N Dogs over the next 9 months. I then started my own rescue, naming it after Annie, who started it all. My aim is to concentrate on the pets, like Annie, who need more time in foster care.

I am also a Registered Veterinary Technician and love to have that knowledge put to work fostering pets with illnesses or injuries who need rehabilitation and longer term fostering. Many times we foster pregnant cats or cats with young kittens so that we can provide them a safe space to deliver and raise their babies. There is no rush to be ready for adoption here. Each at their own time. I give credit to Annie for inspiring me to go forward with rescue work and for giving me at least as much as I was able to give her.