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Save Lives

Our mission is to spread the idea that all life is significant and worthwhile. We started our pet rescue focusing on pets considered “un-adoptable” that are generally not accepted into traditional rescues due to illness, injury, behavioral issues, age, breed and/or appearance. Knowing that with some care and time, most pets CAN find a home. It just takes work to find the right fit.

We soon discovered that cats in our community were the most overlooked and had the least resources available to them and they needed our help. The great numbers of cats having kittens and needing homes is just staggering. So, we have become mostly a cat rescue, saving a dog as we can when they are out of time at local shelters.

Cats are the number one species euthanized in shelters and our local shelters are heavily burdened, even with transporting pets to out of area rescues to give them their best chance. There is a huge problem locally with feral cat colonies and stray cats that are not fixed. To join in the fight to decrease the amount of unwanted cats and kittens, we have taken on spay, neuter, return work of a feral colony and trapped every member of another colony that was targeted by people looking to kill them. Those cats being fixed and making it into barn cat homes. We have helped community members over-run with cats when breeding has happened accidentally and then spiraled out of control. Taking most of the cats into rescue and fixing the ones that were staying in the home. Currently, we focus on stray females. Getting them out of the streets and getting them spayed. Most coming to us with kittens in tow. Every single one spayed and neutered before they leave us, so that they will never contribute to unwanted litters.

We know that we cannot save them all, but we strive to make a significant difference in the lives that we do touch. We specialize in long term fostering. As long as it takes to heal sick or injured pets or train pets to have appropriate behaviors, is as long as they will stay with us. We work with our veterinarian to give the highest standard of medical care to our fosters and seek assistance from a dog trainer to work out behavioral issues as needed with the dogs we are able to take in.

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Donations by check may be mailed to P.O. Box 655, Cottonwood, Ca 96022

Checks should be made out to Annie’s Pet Rescue

We hold Adoption Days at Petco in Redding and can accept donated supplies brought to us or purchased there and left with us. Our most needed items are Dry Kitten Kibble and Cat Litter. Check our Facebook page or use our Contact page to check with us about upcoming Adoption Day date and hours.